How to Choose the Right General Contractor for Your Kitchen Renovation?

Once you’ve decided on exactly what you want to accomplish with your kitchen renovation, it’s time to find the right designer.

An experienced designer will help to put all your imaginations and requirements out on paper and provide the set of drawings you’ll need to go to the final step which is finding, hiring and managing the contractor that’s going to put it all together.

The main thing is to choose a contractor you feel comfortable with one that you can really communicate with throughout the process. You know it’s not a magical process. Almost any home improvement projects will have a few snags here and there. So, you want a contractor that can work together with you on solving these little problems.

Below I’ll be discussing four essential factors that you must consider before choosing a contractor for your kitchen renovation.

  1. Get recommendations

There are quite a few ways to get recommendations of some of the best contractors in or nearby your locality. The first place to check is the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. You can simply visit the official website to find a list of the top-rated contractors in your area. Then you can talk to family members, friends and neighbours, as they may already have done something similar at their home. In addition, they are among the few people you can count on. Apart from them, you can even talk to building inspectors as it is their job to be in contact with many general contractors and therefore with their experience, they will be able to offer you some valuable options.

  1. Be aware of low balling

Contractors, as businessmen, will do everything in their power to secure your bid, including bidding below the market price. Personally, I would advise that you stay away from such contractors. Not only will there be a trade-off in the quality of the building materials and installation, but there will undoubtedly be safety issues related to the installation of electrical and heavy components. And as a homeowner, you wouldn’t want to have such problems, especially to save only a few cents.

  1. Get references

A professional general contractor will gladly provide you with a list of completed and ongoing projects so that you can decide whether or not you can work with them. This is a positive indication, as it proves that the contractor is confident in their work and that after reviewing the references provided, you will choose them for the job.

To better understand the contractor’s previous jobs, I suggest that you contact former clients and ask them for their feedback on the contractor’s service, quality of work, costs and any problems they may have encountered.

  1. Put it in writing

A professional contractor will provide you with a legal contract, and if they fail to do so, as the owner, it is your responsibility to draft an agreement that is verified by your lawyers. This legal contract will outline all the steps of the concerned renovation work, such as proof of liability and insurance, the start and completion date and the cost of each component being used. In addition, this legal document will also contain in writing the initial offer bid, the mode of payment, the initial payment and the scheduled payment.

A legal contract is crucial as it protects you and the contractor in case any mistrust arises/exists between the two parties. In this case, the terms of the contract will be used to cover damages.

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